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Özel Akustik Paneller
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Özel Akustik Paneller

Özel akustik paneller polyester elyaf paneldir, polyester elyaf dekoratif ses emici panel olarak da adlandırılır, yanmaz, mikro gözenekli işlem görmüş özel polyester elyaftan yapılmıştır.

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Ürün Açıklaması

1. Product Introduction of Custom acoustic panels

Custom acoustic panels is the polyester fiber panel, is also called polyester fiber decorative sound-absorbing panel, it is made of non-combustible, microporous treated special polyester fiber. There are a variety of colors and patterns of decorative cloth to choose from. As an acoustic material that has been widely used all over the world, it Proven to have excellent sound absorption properties

2. Specification of Custom acoustic panels


Polyester Elyaf


9mm  12mm




1,2-2kg / m2




Alev geciktirici ve Akustik


3. Özel akustik panellerin özellikleri

Decorative: the panel can be cut to different size and shape by CNC Cutting Machine

Flame-retardant: ASTM E84 Testing Class A Grade

Sound absorption: NRC0.7-0.95 with different air gap

Impact resistance, easy to clear, durable, thermal insulation, recycled material and Eco- friendly. It is an ideal replacement for the traditional fiberglass acoustic panel

4 .Applications of Custom acoustic panels

Applicable fields: Used in various high- and intermediate-level decoration places requiring sound quality design: hotels, restaurants, offices, cinemas, theaters, stadiums, recording studios, studios, conference halls, dance halls, gymnasiums, exchanges, business halls, karaoke Hall, bowling alley, language room, rehearsal hall, hospital, library, station waiting room, restaurant 


5 Why Choose Qdboss Acoustic Custom acoustic panels

1. Qdboss has ten years production experience for acoustic panels

2. We have thousands of projects to prove our good quality and service, especially in the cinema industry, Top 10 cinemas chains are using our cinema acoustic panel

3. Hızlı, üretim ve teslimat sağlamak için 7 atölye ve deneyimli işçi

4. Akustik panel ile ilgili her türlü soru için 7/24 ulaşılabilir

5. Yangın, ısıl direnç, formaldehit salınımı için eksiksiz SGS test raporu seti

6. Qdboss is the supplier for several famous brand at home and abroad


6 Özel akustik paneller nasıl kurulur

1. Before construction, you need to pay attention to the problem of board selection and layout, and you need to pay special attention to the slight color difference. On the side of the paste, find the center and draw the cross line, and the way of scheduling is Similar to the way of laying bricks. However, it should be noted that during the entire process, you need to wear gloves for construction to avoid pollution.


2. When cutting the board, a steel ruler and a utility knife are usually used to better cut and modify the board. If it is necessary to reduce the seam, the blade needs to be inclined by 0.5~1mm, which can effectively reduce the gap.


3. Yapıştırırken, çimento veya ahşap tabana daha etkili bir şekilde yapışabilmesi için beyaz lateks veya kendinden olmayan çok amaçlı yapıştırıcı kullanabilirsiniz ve kullanımı daha uzun sürer

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